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Frequently Asked Questions

What size tiles can be used?

-Ceramic tiles: 4.25x4.25, 6x6, 8x10 - also available in 8x8 and 12x12. Contact Katie about special order.
-Tumbled Stone: 4x4, 6x6
-Glass: 6x6, also available in 12x12 by special order.
Please see product page for more info on our tiles.

Where can I install my mural?

Basically any area indoors will be ideal for your mural. Murals are beautiful for backsplashes, shower walls, hallways, above fireplaces, or even in a wine cellar.

Can I have a mural fit any size space?

It depends on the photo you are using. If the photo has a large enough file size, I can make almost any size mural you want. What I recommend is you send us the photo at its LARGEST file size, and I will let you know what size constrictions we are looking at.

What if a tile is dropped or damaged during installation, can it be replaced?

We will gladly replace a tile or two if broken during installation or shipping free of charge.

Does the mural arrive assembled?

All murals are shipped unassembled. We number the tiles so it is very easy to install, starting in the left bottom corner going up.

Will my mural fade over time?

These murals are recommended for interior decorating. They are UV resistant. If they are placed in direct sun you can expect the murals to fade slightly after 2-5 years. Otherwise, we know of no natural deterioration over time.

What if I want a mural but don’t want to install it?

There are various frame sizes available for tile murals. If you just want to add some color to a stove backsplash but rent your area, this would be ideal. Measure your space and email me with dimensions. I will let you know what we can do for a frame that you hang up!

Can I resize any of the tile murals on your site?

Yes! Email me what size you are looking for and what photo you had in mind. I will email you back with suggestions.

What if I want a mural but I don't see a photo on this site that I like?

Millions of stock photos are available on Shutterstock.com. The price of the stock photo will be built into the total mural price. If you find a photo you like, e-mail Katie with the SKU.

Tips on installing tile murals

This is by no means full install instructions. These are frequently asked questions involving tile installation.

If you are using a professional tile installer, he or she will already be very familiar with most of these tips.

1) Grout width and grout spacers- If you have chosen 4.25”x4.25” or 6”x6” tiles to have your mural produced by me, they will have grout spacers already on the side of the tiles. You can use these for the smallest grout lines, or you can purchase “grout spacers” at your local home improvement store. The grout spacers are to be used while you are applying mortar to set the tiles, before you actually grout the mural. The grout spacers allow a larger grout line, as well as creating an evenly spaced mural.

2) Type of Grout- Unsanded vs. Sanded- Most all wall applications in a household will use unsanded grout. Unsanded allows you to get into the nooks and crannies of smaller grout lines. Sanded grout is used on most floor applications in a household. It is a stronger grout, but also abrasive to ceramic tile. So, all of my ceramic tile and tumbled stone tile will require unsanded grout. My glass tiles are certified for floor applications, and therefore can take a sanded grout.

3) Color of Grout- To blend or not to blend. There are a couple different ways to think about the color of your grout. First, if you have any surrounding tiles with grout already, it looks best just to match that color of grout.

If you want your grout to blend into the background of the mural, pick a color grout that will do just that. It will hide the grout lines as best as possible and make the mosaic look more seamless. If you want the grout lines to create contrast between the mural, pick a color grout that is brighter and will show off the mosaic look of the mural. That is part of the beauty of tile murals, their mosaic look! Both ways work well!

4) Grout Sealers- Grout sealers are used to prevent moisture or stains from being absorbed. They need to be applied to the grout after is dries on any application such as a bathroom or a kitchen backsplash where moisture and stains will be present. All grout should have several coats of the sealer when all is said and done. Please note: All tumbled stone tiles, because of their porous nature need to be sealed prior to applying grout to the mural. A simple stone sealer will work well which you can get at your local home improvement store.

5) Grout Haze- Once the grout is applied, it needs to set for a bit, but before it dries completely needs to be wiped and cleaned up with a soft sponge and clean water. This cleaning needs to be done several times to get the “haze” off the tiles that the grout initially produces. If it is not wiped enough, a “grout haze” will appear over the tiles. This obviously does not complement the mural, so make sure your tile installer wipes the grout several times to get all of the grout off the mural.

6) Cutting of the tiles- If you plan on cutting tiles to fit into a certain area, we recommend using a wet saw application.

7) Ceramic vs. tumbled stone vs. glass tiles. As far as installation, ceramic and tumbled stone tiles can be installed the same way you install regular tiles. Glass is a little different. With glass tiles you can use sanded grout, as opposed to ceramic and tumbled stone tiles you should use non-sanded grout. The glass tiles are certified for commercial flooring, but the thinset used must be a white epoxy product that adheres to the back of the glass tile.

Available Murals

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